March means one thing for me — basketball, and lots of it. I got better photo spots for games this March than I’ve probably ever had for big games. Sometimes I made the most of it, sometimes I didn’t.
Here are my favorite photos from the past month:

BILL MURRaY, last fan standing

When the accomplished actor, at the game to root on his assistant-coach son, is the only fan up and cheering in your fan section during the second half of an NCAA tournament loss, that's dedication. it also makes for a memorable photo. Note, his brother, actor Brian Doyle Murray, is about to get to his feet beside him.

beat sparty

Michigan State just made the Final Four, but it couldn’t figure out a way to beat Indiana. Twice. Here, students in Assembly Hall read a headline that wound up coming true.

louisville spring football​​​​​​​

The Louisville football spring game was a pretty plain affair, few fans, cold weather, snowflakes here and there. But a new coaching staff did bring enthusiasm, as shown by this interception celebration by defensive coordinator Bryan Brown and cornerback Russ Yeast.

Obligatory Cat Photo

Had several candidates this month, but fascination with a string won out.

Denny Crum

The former Louisville coach continues to do good things for the school, even in retirement.

Veterans Park, jeffersontown, ky.

If you haven’t been by to see the new Memorial at Veterans Park off Taylorsville Road, it’s beautifully done. I pass it every night, and on one windy night, stopped by to take a photo.


Just liked the way this one turned out, as Washington slammed home two points late in Kentucky’s SEC Tournament semifinal game against Tennessee. Was shooting over a row of reporters, but when the action is around the rim, nothing gets in the way.

Roy Williams, ACC Tournament

Your basic shot of a coach who didn't like the call. Also liked some of the expressions from the bench, which suggest that the players have seen this act before.

Nice little moment between Roy and guard Kenny Williams after he'd gone down with an injury.


Acrobat Krystal Niu, known by the name of her halftime act,Red Panda, has been performing her unicycle bowl-flipping act for more than 20 years. Here, she's shown catching a stack of bowls on her head during the ACC Tournament. Read more about her by clicking here.

Kids, Kids, Kids

Jeff Walz lifts Daughter Lucy to try to help her make a basket after a practice for the Elite Eight.

Hailey Mack works on her ball-spinning skills during an open NCAA Tournament practice at Wells Fargo Center in Des Moines.

WHEN an NCAA Tournament practice got boring, Lucy Walz found a way to amuse herself.

Jeff Walz and daughters prepare to talk to ESPN during the program's NCAA Tournament watch party.

March sadness

This photo actually came during a timeout late in Louisville’s NCAA Tournament loss to Minnesota. May have been more about a sweaty face than yet feeling the sting of a final college game. Either way, Christen Cunningham at Louisville made this a far more special season than it would’ve been without him.

OPPONENT celebrations

There weren’t many chances to get home team celebrations in the tournaments I shot, and I’m no good at capturing celebration photos anyway. I haven’t yet learned the tricks to that. But I did capture a couple of moments, like Tennessee's celebration of a late three that helped decide its SEC Tournament win over Kentucky above, and UConn's celebration after beating Louisville below.


Podium shots are usually just things you use as mug shots or general identifier photos. But sometimes, you catch a moment, like this one after the Louisville women's basketball team's final victory of the season.

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